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Shanghai to heat waves "Towards the beginning of autumn" Extreme temperatures approaching 40 degrees Celsius

Date: 2013-08-05

Xinhua Shanghai August 6 (Reporter Li Rong) heat "Towards the beginning of autumn." Just enter in August, Shanghai has appeared four days of high temperature, high temperature days this year has been accumulated up to 31 days. The 6th morning, hot orange warning has been "hanging", the highest temperature up to 39-40 degrees Celsius. Shanghai has requested further helping care for special groups, to protect the interests of workers.

After bidding farewell to Shanghai Meteorological history of 140 years, "the hottest July" after that just appeared one day "non-hot day", a continuous heat waves and follow.

The 6th morning, the Shanghai Meteorological Center issued a high temperature on orange alert warning the day the maximum temperature at 39 to 40 degrees Celsius, is an extreme summer days. Meteorological sources said, the 6th is the cloudless blue sky. "Because fewer clouds, the sun shone with impunity, the temperature quickly." According to the measured early in the morning minimum temperature as high as 31 degrees Celsius, to 8:00, Pudong has taken the lead over the hot line.

Shanghai Meteorological constantly remind the public a new round of heat waves weather to be more prevention. According to the latest forecast, the 6th within 4 days, high temperatures will be in Shanghai, "entrenched", fine and hot dry, daily maximum temperatures are 39 degrees up and down, the minimum temperatures are above 30 degrees Celsius.

Shanghai Municipal Government has indicated that the county and departments should attach great importance to the employment protection, greater efforts to urge enterprises in strict accordance with labor protection regulations and workers rights protection system requirements, conscientiously implement summer cooling measures. Timely release of high subsidies, with particular attention to high temperatures during the inspection work and other outdoor work schedule wrong time implementation of the system.