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Terry Lin World Tour September Shanghai departed

Date: 2013-08-06

Although down, "I am a singer," the stage has been six months, but the continued high popularity or let Terry Lin became the mainland's hottest artists on the stage, one of which is the highly anticipated tour plans fans also recently surfaced yesterday, reporters from the brokerage firm to get the exact message, "ONE take linzhixuan 13.14 World Tour" will be held in Shanghai in September this year journey. Meanwhile, in order to ensure that the Shanghai concert, Terry Lin also identified not participate in Hunan TV, "the singer Returns" tour.

"ONEtake" King of coherent

"ONE take" means "one go", which is precisely the manifestation linzhixuan solid vocals on "I am a singer" stage, Terry Lin is even based on a near-perfect play, won the "ONE take kings" of the title.

Particularly unusual is that both Terry Lin Li Lin from the student idol era, or to sing solo "single song" the classic, which no matter how many climaxes in the middle or low echoed Terry Lin always adhere to his faith. " return to music essence ", focused on the pursuit of quality music. After years of sedimentation, Terry Lin's insistence eventually get market recognition.

Upcoming "ONEtake" concert, Terry Lin said that emphasis will continue to "live feeling" and "high quality", all the works of the arranger will draw more "I am a singer" program in the mix, so fans refreshing in Meanwhile, still feel perfect.

For the concert to give up "song Returns"

For the previous "song Returns" concert organizers responsible person linzhixuan skyrocketing price of commercial speech led to abandon show business as a result of the problem rather than performance fee to participate in "song Returns" tour issue, Terry Lin brokerage team also responded yesterday, said: "Terry Lin does not participate ' singer back 'Cause is not rumors, said tour prices, but in order to prepare personal world tour and no time to participate due to' the singer returned 'tour of the city with the' ONE take linzhixuan world tour 'of the city and more overlap, So the company has not been the 'song back' into our schedule, the so Terry Lin's absence has nothing to do with the so-called appearance fees. "

And Terry Lin himself also said that commercial speech activities are generally each only sing 2-3 songs, does not fully meet the needs of the fans, they still hope to complete the form of concert to meet with you.

Terry Lin dominated the major list

Despite this show specific time and place are still being submitted for approval, has not yet officially billing, but the major ticketing company already gearing up, even the scalpers are eyeing. Several major music from the most recent list has been able to get a glimpse of this Shanghai concert box office hit, as of July 30, as is currently the singer Popularity index property data QQ music audition ranking, the "Yeyeyeye" "Fireworks and easy cold", "Make love outofnothing at all" three works topped the top three, Yin Yue Taiwan ranked approached 16 audition audition song, Terry Lin ENTRY and occupy a total of seven top five, the total number of viewing times more than 17 million times, called the digital music charts in 2013 the first half of "hegemony." Insiders also had such impressive results, even if the reality show and singing in a variety of such programs in the attack, Terry Lin works the heat continues unabated, indicating that these veteran singer's fan base is still the most solid.