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Guangdong garden road The jiangsu delicious

Date: 2015-03-26

Yao this meal, used by as "woman is not bad money" drama for a whole month, Hungary, Poland, France and other dozen consulate here every year, the '04 into the bund must have a charming factors. Recently busy again dozen creative concept, as a small niche of huaiyang cuisine, at the same time significantly modified wedding venues, intent on marriage market accounted for a seat.
Go with the dissimilation, Gourmet cuisine an enviably stable
In this mixed catering market, when the sichuan cuisine, Hong Kong style restaurants are springing up, huaiyang cuisine is also follow the step to gather together the lively, can be make authentic huaiyang cuisine restaurant. Huaiyang cuisine combines huaiyang cuisine essence, yangzhou two regions, the influence of the traditional culture of yangzhou, is a test of skill, many dishes to preserve one's health is quite good. From huai-yang cuisine mogul Wang Zhifu hotel executive chef jian-sheng Lin teacher, Mr Had spelled more than 30 years, teacher quipped, other did not dare to boast, spicy huwei absolutely do a "big". Every seemingly ordinary dishes, especially the knowledge but a doorway. You know, originally Wang Zhifu mei mansion seder tradition, is very important in huaiyang cuisine branches leading level.
All kinds of different style dining rooms to be booked, don't despise the small rooms, match well of Chinese and western style restoring ancient ways Jin Yun hall, on the fourth floor of course is a 80 s amorous feelings of the old Shanghai villa furnishings, don't lose a five-star hotel. Although solid, Shanghai old "old" do huaiyang cuisine is quite real, but the editor is still used to come here, also found that here is very close to Europe, America, Japan foreigner mouth stomach. To edit the surprise, the bund's boss, executive chef and small kitchen always gushing about diet culture, it seems everyone is hidden gourmet, it's no wonder that such exquisite dishes. Evening with friends point on a table of exquisite huaiyang cuisine, leisurely paced to rive again after meal and browse, go to the bund bubble bar, all the lithe and graceful scenery.
Huaiyang cuisine individual school Knife skill perfectly
One party soil to raise a party person, chaozhou people make meatballs all hand to play, until all the fresh meat fiber fracture, overcrowded momentum in the shilin night market in Taiwan has its little a credit. Perhaps meatballs but chaozhou people, fish balls but the wenzhou people, but the lion is definitely do but yangzhou people. Seemingly simple lion to make pork belly fat and white, keep the favour or allocation, to make meat fat but not greasy melt in your mouth, difficulty is quite high. Huaiyang cuisine exquisite knife work also reflects on the practice in other dishes, cooked in an open flower head of silver carps difficult in an "open" word, to go to the head of the bone after keep intact. Editor in the "top chef" saw the difficulty of the whole boneless chicken, actually the whole fish bones down more difficult, as the fine vulture thin chisel a handicraft. There's a trick, steamed fish head with mineral water soaking, stopping to change water for fish head cooling, stewed meat to very fat, delicious well-developed.
Huaiyang cuisine is especially pay attention to ingredients, according to chef Lin, usually each eel take tail back, different methods of flavor and a big difference. Tree there was a general earthy taste of thick, should not only maintain its flesh is sweet, and must pay attention to xing, this juice fanned tail soup to witness the teacher wore the cooking. In practice, and even cleverly used a pile of "leftover material", the selection of eel bone soup stock a long time to get out of the soft fire, deserve to go up the fans eel meat, especially suitable for supplements. Smart, lovely chefs cooks changing with the same ingredients to fit time, such as soft-shelled turtle skirt in this season to switch to the abalone, small steak tauren convert cumin beef ham taste, etc. Every dish type mostly bone to sting, taste is not strong, especially suitable for the requirements of modern people advocating healthy diet.
Exclusive space deductive romantic Visual wedding perfect build
In addition to the fine style of huaiyang cuisine, is carried out on the bund in Shanghai market as a dark horse up well. Hosted wedding receptions and Mrs To it repeatedly said: "in Shanghai, there is no a LiuQiQian dollars do not a table, price blooms year after year, the bund as a civilian price can give did life events, class hasn't dropped." If anyone have not been held in the wedding banquet all kua it high performance-price ratio.
The fifth floor the bund and the sixth floor hall hall with different style of modern design, which can hold 18 tables at the same time to participate in the wedding banquet, alone to enjoy the whole floor service intimate wedding banquet. Luxury style very spacious guest area, can be turned into a mysterious neverland, giving it a noble and sacred. Elegant and luxuriant banquet hall space design, cloth art adornment and european-style details continuation of the aristocratic palace, like a idol drama of beautiful wedding. Two elegant style of the party is still in large area to decorate, around the end of August will appear more impressive visual feast. In the banquet hall to undertake more than a dozen seats wedding banquet, can enjoy hotel special sweet elegant honeymoon suite, wake up in the morning to taste a western breakfast, this is belongs to the couple's private space.