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"Resource hui hui youth" huangpu regional communist youth league organizations "may fourth movement" youth day preferential service activities

Date: 2014-04-26

This year marks the 95th anniversary of the "May 4th" movement and the 92 anniversary of the founding of the communist youth league. For a better integration of resources, condensed the youth service, further enhance the social influence of the youth league and youth appeal, let the youth league, a contented, happy holiday, huangpu TuanOuWei on eyes of the youth league shopping food catering, tourism, sports entertainment daily life cultural needs, decided to carry out the "resource hui hui youth" huangpu regional communist youth league organizations "may fourth movement" youth day preferential service activities, and during the period of "May 4th", rolled out a series of preferential service youth resources and efforts.
As huangpu district - the bund is a large state-owned construction enterprise group company, as more popular with young people and accommodation catering, leisure good place to international four-star hotel close to the bund and nanjing road pedestrian street, the bund hotel will from now on for the majority of members of the youth in the guest room occupancy, wedding banquet reservation, suit bespoke, cake making and leisure afternoon tea package, specific preferential and expiry date is as follows:
Guest room occupancy: 8.5 discount coupons can enjoy door market (the period of validity to 2014.8.31)
Wedding banquet reservation: coupons at 9.5 fold preferential, beer, soft drinks in three hours free drinks, free suite (including double buffet) early the next day, more than 10 seats and free welcome tea oh (the period of validity to 2015.12.31)
Gause suit custom: coupons can enjoy original price 8800 yuan, 3980 yuan of special edition dress package (content and customize high-grade suit a, a handmade silk tie, a high shirt, handmade silk brocade cheongsam is a)
Custom: cake coupons 88 yuan can enjoy the original price 128 yuan of 10 inch milk cakes or 8 inch cheesecake a (the period of validity to 2014.8.31)
Carefree afternoon tea: coupons can enjoy one of the original price 176 yuan meal half price (including English muffin, open the cup, cheese cake, fruit tarts, butter cookies, homemade chocolate, tea or coffee) (the period of validity to 2014.8.31)
Consultation telephone: 63522000 (the bund hotel)
Line telephone: 53065986 (huangpu TuanOuWei)
(weekday morning 09:00-11:30 PM in the afternoon - 17:00)